Snakes on a boat

It's been some time since I have visited Pembroke but with high winds and rain forecast for the north-west while the south of Wales was due to bask under blue skies, it seemed a good time to endure the drive south and so we set out with aspirations to round St Davids Head, taking in Ramsey Island and, if things went well, take a sly look at the race between the two: The Bitches. 
Fog was not on the agenda. Neither were snakes. Needless to say we got both. Cloud cover at Abercastle made for a slow start as we loaded the boats, waiting for the sun and the tide to turn. On the water, the south going stream now in our favour and the sun burning through, things started well... ...the coastline immediately impressive, stacks, arches and caves all demanding attention. It was hard to resist landing through small surf on this beach, so I didn't, catching a lovely small wave which surfed me onto clean sands for a late lunch. A dramatic passage which would become quite exciting in anything bu…

Fell race puts pay to tide race

Running the South West Coast Path - The Lizard

Running the South West Coast Path - Land's End to St Ives

A taste of Spring...

Pint of Bisto?

Long views in the Lakes

Heading for the hills