Anglesey - Bull Bay to Sandy Beach (Porth Tywyn-mawr) / September 2008

A long and excellent paddle making good use of the strong tides - approximately 34km from Bull Bay, via Middle Mouse, West Mouse and The Skerries before ferrying back to Carmel Head and finally taking out at Sandy Beach (marked only as Porth Tywyn-mawr on the OS maps).

Immediately on leaving Bull Bay, the first porpoises were seen, and soon enough I lost count of the number spotted. They were constant companions all the way to The Skerries.

An awkward landing on Middle Mouse and lunch was followed by a remarkably quick passage to West Mouse but a poor ferry angle en route to The Skerries ensured a tiring battle attempting to round the northern island. Giving up, landfall was made beneath the lighthouse and a long lazy, second lunch made best use of the hot afternoon sun as we waited for the tides...
Ferrying rather more accurately back to Carmel Head, thankful for the lack of wind, it was impossible not to be awed by the scale of the 'race'. The volume of water racing through is incredible and it is plainly obvious just how difficult a stretch of water this would become in poor conditions.