Belnahua / August 2008

For many paddlers, a trip amongst the islands west of Luing is akin to a pilgrimage. I had high expectations which unfortunately were not to be...

A combination of poor weather, differing objectives and poor communication amongst the group led to just one full day's paddling out of three.

A short crossing from Cuilipool to Belnahua and a little fun in the races around Fladday was followed by an afternoon fishing for mackerel off the west shore of Belnahua.

Having explored the island fully, a roaring fire, sheltered by the ruins brought the day to an enjoyable close. The next day, paddling inexplicably seemingly not on the agenda, provided plenty of opportunity to refine mackerel fishing techniques. A long cast into the racing tide, a count of 15 allowing the lure time to sink was almost always followed by a sharp tug...

The third day, my last of the trip meant a return to Cuilipool was essential. Departure thus assured, an enjoyable paddle up to and through the Cuan sound and around Torsa salvaged something of the weekend.