Loch Duich to Loch Hourn via Kyle Rhea

Launching from the slip just within Loch Duich, this was a memorable overnight trip passing through Khle Rhea and exploring the entrance to Loch Hourn, with a fine camp behind the Sandaig Islands.
With the winter snows almost down to sea level, these ocean channels took on a real wilderness feel, something sadly lost hereabouts as the tourist season gets underway.
We entered Kyle Rhea with some anticipation, but in the event, while we were whisked along with the tide, conditions remained calm, just the occasional large boil shunting the boats to one side.
Entering the Sound of Sleat a solitary porpoise surfaced briefly close to the south shore and we followed his course, the Sandaigs beckoning.
After a brief stop, we entered Loch Hourn, exploring the wide mouth of the loch before returning to the sheltered bay behind the Sandaig Islands.
Retracing our route the next morning, paddling against the flow through Kyle Rhea, we ferried and eddy hopped before cutting back across toward Loch Duich and the castle; a fine paddle made all the more dramatic by the snow covered ridges all around.