Walney Island / December 2008

An incredible afternoon spent around south Walney and Piel Island.

Launched from Roa Island and headed south of Piel out to the tip of Foulney Island before crossing to Haws point.

The seals could be clearly heard from 2km out in the channel, not to mention the distinct smell...

As the sun set, I drifted back in towards Piel in absolute silence save for the occasional snort from a seal getting too close for comfort. Not a breath of wind.
Stunning views to the fells and even the dales, Ingleborough a brilliant white, clad in fresh snow whilst the channel turned to gold in the last of the winter sunset.


Dr Blug said…
Will, a great Blog!

Smashing pictures; I've been to some of the places, but mine aren't as good!

Mike Bell