Moray Firth - Logie Head / December 2008

Having been quite spectacularly ill over Christmas and therefore unable to take advantage of the brilliant conditions, it was a with no small amount of trepidation that I launched out of Sandend bay on the south coast of the Moray Firth, (just west of Spey Bay).
Despite perfect conditions with barely any wind and moderate swell, which raised some notable surf on the NE facing beaches, I was still feeling quite unsteady having eaten next to nothing for the previous 2 days, consequently it took some time to settle once out on the water.
The coastline east of Sandend is tailor made for rock hopping with many long channels and hidden coves through which the swell surges; despite a conservative approach I enjoyed the familiar rise and fall of the boat, the sudden rush of speed and boiling channels and swept through one gap after another before rounding Logie Head.
Having watched the surf at Cullen and deciding that caution was the better part of valour, a lunch break was made easy by the soft option of a gentle landing within the harbour.
The return trip almost ended in disaster whilst approaching Logie Head. Having given a wide berth to those breaks visible, a larger swell (the seventh wave?) suddenly exposed a unseen reef; a desperate draw prevented an untimely holing of the hull as I shot over a jagged edge with millimetres of water to spare.
Later, I watched as board surfers caught waves that turned to gold in the last of the setting sun, the roar of the surf and foaming breakers my last sight of Sandend.