St Abbs Head

A great trip to start the season proper with temperatures touching double figures, gulls soaring and a bright spring sun warming our backs as we punched through the small surf and headed out across Coldingham bay.
Around Ebb Carrs the low swell of around 3ft heaved and reef breaks that had been visible from the beach suddenly exploded off the bow; a sharp left turn took us back to the rock gardens where the swell was no less but great fun as rising waves surged through the channels and over the outcrops that littered the bay.
St Abbs headland, unlike its namesake Aebbe, daughter of Edilfred, King of Northumbria, arrived almost unnoticed, a glance up revealing the lighthouse, manned until as recently as 1994, before plunging back into the surging channels and towering cliffs.
Pettico Wick provided welcome relief, a calm haven complete with jetty, ending abruptly at the face of a small stack.
From here, a crossing of the bay towards Wheat Stack and Fast Castle Head provided calmer water with the odd deviation to inspect conspicuous waterfalls.
Reluctantly, with more cliffs, stacks and caves beckoning, we turned about and heading east towards St Abbs, began the paddle back.
If we thought the trip was done, we were wrong. The excitement was just about to begin. With the tide now ebbing around the headland at full flow, the swell had risen to impressive proportions, crashing amongst the cliffs in wild abandon.
After a few tense moments and one entertaining if narrow escape as Mike was literally thrown over a small skerry by a larger breaker, we emerged in the relative calm of Coldingham bay, enjoying a few last surfs before the sun set.


D. Heurich said…
That are very nice photos.
The nature is so beatiful there.