Anglesey - March 2009

Two days and two nights in Anglesey...After arriving late in the evening at Porth Dafarch, we quickly grabbed the bivy bags, stove, beer and other essentials and headed straight to a small outcrop behind which there appeared to be a good spot to crash for the night. Before I'd locked the car, we were accosted by the owner of camper van, drunk, who demanded to know if we needed a light. Shining an enourmous, powerful torch into my face, he then questioned the value of the boats. Claiming to be the proud owner of, ...'erm, err, umm, a Gull wet suit - y'know - with the zip,' and therefore expert on all matters kayaking, he was persistent. And loud. 'HOW MUCH?!' - 'Not for sale mate.'
We gathered what wood there was, had a small fire, a beer or two, and settled down, with occasional anxious glances towards the car and the boats.
Things could only get better. Indeed they did, for the morning at least, with beautiful hazy sunshine and flat seas out from Bull Bay, past Hell's Mouth and on to Camaes Bay, exploring every cave and gully along the way. (Southerlies forecast for later in the day meant we'd moved round to the North coast.)
Past Hell's Mouth, on rounding each headland, the sea state was getting exciting. The wind it seemed was shifting, gusts increasing in strength from the West. A short lunch on the sands in front of Llanbadrig and we set off, back towards Bull's Bay. The wind was now at F5, short steep and confused seas were breaking around us almost immediately and despite being a few days from nps, each small headland was producing a race which collided with the waves rolling in, the wind now a North Westerly. Despite every third stroke being a low brace as clapotis surged beneath the hull, it was a remarkably quick, if a little tense, not to mention wet, journey back! No pictures.
Another bivvy, fire and well earnt beers on the beach...
...followed by a more relaxed day out of Porth Dafarch, and round to Penrhyn Mawr. Again, every cave and gully was explored - incredible the amount that's missed when you're on a mission to thestacks...
...before heading through the race, just after slack water, having had enough excitement the previous day!
With building seas and stormy skies we were off the water by early afternoon and home in time to wash and dry the boats and kit before dark. Roll on BST.