Chapel Island - May 2009

A humid afternoon exploring one of the inner arms of Morecambe Bay starting with a quick crossing to Chapel Island, the original chapel being built by Cistercian Monks in the 14th C.
The ruins seen today are those created, to enhance the view from Conishead Priory, in the 1820's by one curiously motivated Colonel Thomas Richard Gale Braddyll. I wonder, was that claimed on his expenses?
Moving swiftly on, the tide still in our favour, just, the Leven viaduct, Ashes point and Nab point were passed before a small beach at Mearness Point provided a feature at which it seemed sensible to turn about before the ebbing tide left us stranded with a long painful portage.
Lunch finished, our quick return was interrupted by some unexpected play spots around the viaduct with interesting water on both sides...
Predictably, having dallied too long, the water ran out some distance short of the car...a shallow stream our salvation...