Little Ross and the Islands of Fleet

Perfect weather off the Galloway coast made for a fantastic day exploring the islands and caves between Little Ross and the Islands of Fleet.
Discarding the cag for the first time this year, I left Brighouse Bay and headed south east towards Little Ross; the cliffs and caves between Slack Heugh and The Sound proving of such interest that the first 4km took a lot longer than planned.
After heading around Little Ross I paddled off shore for a while, enjoying the mirror calm seas and low lazy swell. Soon that had disappeared too and I was left on the calmest sea I have ever paddled.
Jelly fish, perhaps driven into the area by the winds earlier in the week swarmed beneath the hull, in places so numerous it was difficult to avoid spearing them with the paddle. Occasionally a much larger specimen loomed beneath the boat...
A late lunch on the northernmost of Murray's Isles, a quick exploration of the ruins, now home to the entirety of Wigtown bay's population of gulls it seemed, and it was time to head back along the cliffs.
Stony beaches, often impossible to land upon provided further rest stops and a chance to examine the bright flora carpeting the hillsides, until eventually, some 30 odd km later I cruised back into Brighouse bay, idyllic in the early summer evening sun.