Lune Estuary

Loved by some, derided by others, there is no getting away from the fact that the estuaries around our coast provide some spectacularly diverse paddling destinations and often equally diverse wildlife.
A short evening on the Lune estuary, providing a welcome tonic to a sunny afternoon spent in the office, was no exception.
Leaving Glasson Dock near the bottom of the tide gave a free ride downstream through the wide twisting channels of the tidal Lune, barricaded in places from bank to bank by swans.
A little wary, having heard of at least one unfortunate, who, harrased by a territorial swan on a nearby canal, escaped only thanks to the advances of passer by and her brolly, we drifted by in the gentle flow, leaving the birds in peace.
Small riffles and then low drops provided entertainment and the odd play spot before heading out on the last of the tide which turned with little warning, leaving us to battle the last km out to sea.
Sitting off shore in the calm waters we watched the developing sunset before heading back in, travelling up the river but paddling downstream, all very odd.
If returning with the tide in this way, keep an eye out for shipping entering the dock...