Shetland - Muckle Roe

After the smoothest passage I have ever experienced from Aberdeen to Lerwick, expectations for some great paddling were high and further boosted by a forecast for light to moderate winds for the first few days of our June visit to Shetland.
Driving north, we headed immediately for Muckle Roe and within 3 hours of arriving in the Northern Isles, we were pulling into a fresh breeze funnelling down Roe Sound.
Passing Roda Geo, exploration of the island's caves began immediately.
Such is the number and length of these caves, it is quite possible to spend more time inside the island than out, whilst completing a circumnavigation.
With only a gentle swell on the North side of the island, we made good use of the conditions and with the exception of a lunch stop at South Ham, only once we had passed the Hole of Helier did we paddle slightly further off shore, to be rewarded by the sight of a porpoise heading into Busta Voe.
As the weather appeared to be improving throughout the afternoon we headed south and west. Intent on making best possible use of the calm seas, Papa Stour was the obvious destination, but first (after a long night in the reclining chairs of Northlink ferries) we needed a place to camp...