Troup Head - Moray Firth

A great start to the month with a solo trip east of Troup Head.
Bright sunshine and little swell provided ideal conditions although for a while, progress along the cliffs was hampered by quite severe down draughts.
The wind, which was perhaps F4/5 along the coast, (barely noticeable in places under the high cliffs) picked up significantly rounding the headland into Pennan and one downdraught was sufficient to push the kayak forcefully onto a small skerry while taking a picture... interesting result!
Impressive arches and passages just west of Aberdour Bay - It is worth timing your trip to pass the cliffs here at high water.
Grey seals basked in the sun...
...and following me through a number of channels in the reefs.
A fulmar sweeps past: these, the most curious of our gulls, were once resident only on St Kilda.
The shortest portage ever? I could not resist stepping out of the boat here and launching into the next bay. At low water, it is possible to explore a number of interesting caves and subterranean passages here on foot.