St Sunday Crag - Pinnacle Ridge

Owing its popularity in no small part to the frontispiece in R.B. Evans' Scrambles in the Lake District, Pinnacle Ridge is a classic scramble in summer...
...and a sought after winter route, arguably 'in condition' more often than many of the more frequented routes across the valley.
The day started with an inspection of Tarn Crag, whose climbs, despite impressive appearances, were buried beneath unconsolidated powder covered in a fragile crust.
Grisedale tarn, frozen hard.
A view across the valley to Striding Edge.
Finishing the route as darkness fell, we traversed the summit and followed the ridge on a bearing, for a short while in near white out conditions, until the stars came out and eventually, the more familiar slopes above Grisedale tarn provided a welcome rest before the final descent to Dunmail Raise.