NWSK Start of Season Meet

Anglesey in March and a rather large group of sea paddlers, consuming a rather large amount of wine and an even larger quantity of pizzas (Robinson's Finest) could mean only one thing: the NWSK Start of Season Meet. A few pictures from an enjoyable weekend...

A rather nice wooden boat, which I doubt I could build...despite a great tutorial on Saturday evening.
Graeme demonstrates good technique having skillfully avoided the award for the best swim of 2009.
Ray, powering towards Cable Bay, with just 'a splinter of the true cross'.
Kev - I'm so stable in my Cetus I've fallen asleep - Robinson.
Brian enjoys the race off Maen-y-fran...
...and catches a few good waves.
Barry, despite the best credentials, appears to be going the wrong way.
Heading through the gap...

...towards a bouncy sea of Rhoscolyn Head...
...and the race.
Rhoscolyn Beacon.