Beyond Barrow

Beyond the industrial backdrop of Barrow; an island where it seems I never tire of paddling.
On a rough day, it can provide much excitement with sizeable waves to surf in the channel and off Piel Bar.

On a calm day, perhaps it is the grey seals...
...which never fail to make an appearance.
Perhaps it is the distinctive character of the island and surrounding waters...
...or the contrasts and conflict so readily apparent.
If not this then perhaps the diverse population of both resident and migratory birds which include: redshank, knot, common and little terns, ringed plover, oystercatchers, dunlins, curlew, pintail, shelducks and red-breasted Merganser.
Maybe it is just the sand and the sea...
...perhaps it is all of these things, but for me, like most sea kayakers I suspect, it is the inquisitive innocence and beauty of the seals that will keep me coming back to Walney in the years to come.


Ian said…
Hi Will,

Some nice photos here; good one of the Golden Plover, and I really like the abstract nature of the sand bars and tide. As you say, a place of real contrasts