Ice Cream & Porpoises

A return trip from Bull Bay, around Point Lynas, to Dulas Bay.

Heavy showers and flat seas set the scene at Bull Bay although the weather soon picked up, even if the sea state around Point Lynas did not.
En suite facilities in the caves around Fresh Water Bay provided some with the chance to 'do their hair'.
By this time the porpoise count was approaching double figures. (This picture taken by Kev R' on the same section of coast, at about the same time last year. In my opinion, one of the best places in the UK to see porpoises.)
The intermitent downpours provided a few lively cascades as we returned from Dulas Bay.
All clouds clear and we drift in the tide towards East Mouse.
After which, having failed to reach Moelfre and a lunchtime ice cream, the tide having turned, it seemed only right to call in at The Red Boat. Having arrived at closing time, and being accompanied by none other than the proprietor's brother, we enjoyed our first 'lock in' at an ice cream parlour...Thanks to Tony, Lyn & Brian. 

The best ice cream in Wales?