The last Munro

It may well traditionally be the last Munro for many, being the only one on Mull and therefore requiring a certain amount of dedication to the cause if that is one's sole reason for climbing Ben More; it is however a long way from being my last and I doubt I will ever fully understand the tick list approach of some summit baggers.
Certainly the fine ridge leading from A Chioch to Ben More's summit is well worth the effort of an unfashionable less direct approach from Teanga Brideig.
A little exposure on the east ridge of Ben More.
Spectacular views from the summit, looking back over the summit of A Chioch.
And a ewe posing as a rock, having clearly missed at least the last two years shearing...


Ian Johnston said…
Great shot from the summit overlooking A Chioch.

Ben More was near the end of a VERY protracted Munro completion. Now that particular spell is broken, I'm doing hills as I please!