Muckle Roe

One of the two trips we paddled this year, that I had done last summer; I was extremely pleased to cover so much new ground this year but had no qualms about revisiting Muckle Roe...although conditions were generally overcast and the light flat so the photos were never going to do it justice.
Imposing cliffs on the south west side of the island.
Photo:Kev Robinson
A dramatic cleft, unfortunately it is not possible to get through the gap, boulders blocking the narrow passage.
Entering the gloom of a deep cave, the inside of which was truly cavernous.
The perfect arch which leads into North Ham.
It is worth waiting for a day with little swell in order to make the most of the caves on Muckle Roe which are amongst Shetland's finest; however, although the north end of the island will need to be given a wider berth, the trip is certainly worthwhile even in moderate conditions when a number of the caves towards the southern end will still be accessible.