The grey skies that have dominated the week so far, clear to give a wonderful evening's paddle to our chosen campsite on Vementry. 
Leaving the jetty, Vementry House catches the evening light.
Heading into Uyea Sound, passing Cow Head.
Sunset with Swarbacks Head in the distance.
On asking permission to launch below Vementry House, we were 'advised' that the island was private and that if we camped, we must on no account leave any rubbish. Of course we did not, nor would we regardless of the 'advice' received.
The irony of a beautiful beach, covered in bottles, plastic, buoys, ropes, netting, fish boxes, the obligatory single welly and a TV, was hard to miss. It remains a beautiful place, but what a shame the occupants of larger vessels than ours, could not have heeded the 'advice' also.