Lleyn Peninsula: Bardsey Sound

Whilst I have titled this post 'Bardsey Sound', there is so much of interest in the immediate vicinity of the sound that whilst it was the pivotal section of the trip, the remainder of the day was by no means less interesting.
Light winds and the lack of significant swell made for a relaxing day, exploring first in the direction of Porth Ysgo, and then back through Bardsey Sound which was flatter than I think any of us had ever seen it, and on to Porth Oer.
After meeting with Mary, administering first aid to Chris who had opened his foot with the help of a broken bottle on the beach, and sorting out the shuttle we launched from Aberdaron and headed out of the bay towards Porth Ysgo.
This proved to be a delightful stretch of coast with a number of channels and caves to negotiate as well as the odd small waterfall, before the beach of Porth Ysgo provided an idyllic setting for lunch.
Dramatic light as we head towards Bardsey Sound with the 'young flood'.
All is calm in the sound...
...allowing intimate exploration of the cliffs; what a privilege to explore this notoriously challenging area in such unusual conditions.
A small beach south of Porth Oer provides a second, and perhaps even more idyllic spot to relax in the afternoon sun...
...the warm waters of the small bay prompting a few circus antics and rolling and rescue practice, but only after the obligatory 'kayaks on beach' photo has been taken.
The last couple of km's were a joy and having explored every nook and cranny along the coast, the whistling sands of Porth Oer signalled the end of an absolutely superb two day's paddling.