Past and Present

I have a soft spot for the Cumbrian coast and still think of it as home, although it was 17 years ago that I left. Increasingly, I find that paddling this coastline can be a thought provoking experience.
Two images from the weekend left me wondering about the future, not just of Cumbria's coastline, as well as its past and present.

The Past.

The Present.

What future?

Having posted this entry earlier, Douglas' comment and a conversation later in the day prompted me to add this:
Just one of the other issues this area is faced with. It is worth highlighting the fact that Morecambe Bay is designated, both nationally and internationally, (SSSI, SAC, SPA, AONB & Ramsar) a reflection of the importance of the wildlife and landscape here.


Douglas Wilcox said…
Hi Will, at least Riders Rigg is nearly 12km from either shore. Over on the other side of the Solway, in Wigtown Bay they plan to put even bigger windmills to within 4.6km of the shore and the development will fill the mouth of the Bay.
Will Herman said…
Hi Douglas,

Windfarms are just one of the issues facing this area.

Sorry to have missed you at Kendal, had to dash at the end, a good evening all round.