Scaleber Force

Having passed Scaleber Force more times than I can remember en route to the climbs at both Attermire Scar and Malham Cove, more recently I passed by again, this time on the bike, hurtling down the steep tracks above Settle.
It seemed high time to actually take a look at the falls...
Whilst much of the Yorkshire Dales is covered in carboniferous limestone, this is broken by shales, gritstone and sandstone. Since the last ice age, the erosion of this softer rock has created the many iconic waterfalls of the dales. The waterfall that once fell (more than 12,000 years ago) from the center of Malham Cove (above), would have dwarfed them all.
In fact, the light was too harsh on the day these images were taken, making for difficult exposures, another project perhaps; a good one for the dull days of winter.


Silbs said…
Waonderful black and white images. Good stuff. Thanks.