The Mersey

About as far removed from those places where I would normally choose to paddle as it gets and yet this trip from Crosby beach, taking the tide high up the Mersey estuary, proved to be both memorable and spectacular in its own, unique way.
Another freezing start, although at -3c, the morning's temperatures were rather more tolerable than the -18c of the preceeding weekend.
Heading into the morning haze and a dazzling low sun, aiming for the radar tower where the estuary narrows.
Known as the 'Atlantic Gateway', the shipping lanes are busy.
Before long we pass the towering cranes...
...and are soon approaching Liverpool's Pier Head and Waterfront...
...where it is hard not to look critically at our modern architecture...
...contrasting so starkly as it does with the great buildings from centuries past.
Approximately 20km from our launch point, we cross the channel and shipping lane, for an icy lunch before returning swiftly with the ebb.
Paddling on the south bank, we are flushed rapidly out of the narrows, quickly reaching Perch Rock battery...
...built at the same time as the lighthouse, in 1827.
From there, a longish glide across the mouth of the estuary sees us arrive at another place.
Or rather, Another Place; Anthony Gormley's cast iron figures.
Tim gets acquainted...
...before we paddle the last few hundred yards, silent figures watching as the sun sets.


Ian said…
Great stuff Will, Been in and out many times on ships, but hadn't really thought of this as a paddle until now.

Happy Christmas!

Douglas Wilcox said…
Hello Will, great photos. I recently discovered the Clyde in the same way.

Will Herman said…
Hi and thanks Douglas. All the images that day were taken on a new compact, the Lumix FT1, about which I had heard great things. I have yet to be convinced, but it's good to have an alternative to the DSLR.
Dr Blug said…
Hi Will
Glad you enjoyed the trip up the Mighty Mersey.
My mums house is just behind the snow covered dunes behind Tim and the Iron Man!