The Cumberland Ring

Starting with a descent of the Eden, from source to sea, a rather unusual circumnavigation is underway this week.
The Cumberland Ring will encircle the county, descending both the Lune and Eden, a total of 221km, crossing Morecambe Bay, passing the high sandstone cliffs of St Bees and eventually finishing in the eastern extremities of the Solway Firth.
Starting life in the peat bogs of the North Yorkshire and Cumbrian borders, the Eden eventually meets the Solway, after some 145km; Kate Duffus, Jim Krawiecki and Sean Jesson completed the first 67km today.
After an early start, the team were well past Appleby by mid morning...
...with the planned finishing point for the day rapidly approaching at midday.
Seeing little point in wasting what was turning into a beautiful afternoon, they pushed on towards Eden Lacy...
...a section not without excitement...
...and the setting for a number of remarkable caves, carved into the sandstone cliffs by one Colonel Lacy of Salkeld Hall in the 18th century.
Continuing beneath steeply wooded banks to reach Armathwaite by late afternoon, having descended a respectable 67km, the Cumberland Ring is off to a sizzling start!
To follow their progress, go to:


jasons said…
Looks like a fantastic trip Will, good weather too by the look of it. Great images.

Can you drop me a mail, had a server crash and lost all of my contacts!