Bardsey Island

What The Skerries are to Anglesey, so Bardsey Island is to the Lleyn Peninsula, representing all that is best about sea kayaking in North Wales.
And like The Skerries, a trip to Bardsey is not one to be underestimated.
Early on a calm and rather gloomy morning, we started our trip at Porth Ysgaden at the very top of a sp tide...
...the ebb taking us south along the rugged coast towards the first of many races: Penrhyn Mawr. Not to be confused with the race off Anglesey, the overfalls here are less impressive but still quite capable of providing entertainment, even on a day as calm as this.
Carried swiftly past the high cliffs leading to the southern tip of the Lleyn, we were quickly committed to the crossing of Bardsey Sound; a giant ferry glide across a channel with a fearsome reputation, in the absence of any swell or real wind, today's passage was smooth enough.
The last 500 yards to round the north west tip of the island required some effort, pushing into the tide but once there, the flow rapidly eased, allowing more leisurely progress to the southern point, Pen Diban.
Grey seals followed in our wake...
...youngsters watching from the rocks.
Returning later whilst ashore I watched this same youngster and his mother, who had moved not an inch. The pace of life is slow on Bardsey it seems.
More alert to the world, this chap had spotted something of interest...
...while these guys seemed happy to let it all pass them by.
Before our departure came a change in the weather.
A view of the sound and the overfalls around Carreg Ddu, some 4km distant, gave an indication of the rather more sporting conditions on offer.
Launching into a fresh easterly from the slip at Cafn Enlli.
A lumpy and confused sea was negotiated without mishap before the overfalls glimpsed earlier provided a short roller coaster ride into the calm of Aberdaron Bay...
...and then a few more lumps and bumps beyond Ynys Gwylan-fawr before returning to Aberdaron to finish, beneath a warm spring sun, what felt like the first trip of a new season.


Ian said…
Great trip report Will! I used to go on holidays to the Lleyn peninsua as a small child; I really must go back with a boat. Love the silhouetted image against the headland particularly

all the best