Cliffs, Caves and Castles

A day of two halves: the cliffs and caves of St Abbs as well as several thousand auks...
...and then the very different cliffs leading to Fast Castle Head.
It began on the sands of Coldingham bay on a poor day for the surfers but with excellent prospects for exploring the headland around the corner.
Passing St Abbs harbour, the interest picks up immediately...
...and with a complete lack of any swell we began to explore this convoluted coastline in detail.
Tim weaving among the boulders approaching the lighthouse...
...where, despite having paddled this stretch of coast on several occasions, we found a long cave I had not seen before.
A long and narrow passage, blocked unfortunately although it was possible to see the cliffs beyond through an impressive arch.
Approaching the auks...
...thousands of razorbills lined the cliffs above...
...and quickly forced Chris to surrender.
North of Pettico Wick, the cliffs change but are no less dramatic.
There are caves here too, some of these adjacent caverns linked at their farthest extremity by narrow tunnels, accesible only with the lowest of swell.
Yet as we continued towards Fast Castle Head, there was just enough movement in the water to provide some entertaining rock hopping.
Chris heading towards the cliffs atop which the ruins of Fast Castle perch.
Shortly beyond, with the whole of the trip to reverse, we turned to head south...
...after one last rugged landing.
The sp flood carried us quickly back to St Abbs to complete what measured a mere 18km on the map, but was probably closer to 25km once all the coves and caves had been accounted for. Another excellent east coast paddle.