Climbing Cam Head

I'd been eyeing up the descent from Cam Head above Kettlewell in The Dales for some time. I'd also been doing my best to ignore the steep climb to reach it; in the event it was the easier of two climbs on this short but sweet, classic Dales circuit.
Starting at Starbottom, the route climbed on treacherously greasy limestone, through Fosse Wood; it wasn't the angle of ascent that necessitated the push, just the lack of traction. Honest!
Before too long I was high above the upper Wharfe and rattling down a long, in places steep and in others, disconcertingly loose descent to Kettlewell.
This image, taken during the early part of the climb up Cam Head, shows the last section of the descent from across the valley.
The ascent of Cam Head turned out to be much easier than I expected; the first 500 yards are steep, but the angle soon eases and the track is good.
Having climbed 550m in 3km, the descent from Cam Head was well worth the effort...
...after rounding the shoulder, the track drops precipitously...
...before snaking down to Starbottom in just 1.5km: steep, fast and fun!
Starbottom: quintessential Dales hamlet.