First Ascent

President's Slab, 18m, HD: Rylstone Crag
First Ascent 1922: E.A.Porter, Eric Griffiths, Cecil Wood
The first president [of the Gritstone Club] was E.A.Porter...he took to the rocks with the zest of a man half his age...
...He showed us the way up the tallest little buttress on Rylstone Fell, known to us thereafter as President's Slab...
...At the time a gale was blowing and in the moment of triumph, the presidential hat took off, like a rocketing grouse across the moor and was never seen again.
(E. Griffiths, Gritstone Journal 1963)
Tim and I could not claim any first ascents of our own that evening, but can confirm that nearly ninety years after E.A.Porter lost his hat, Rylstone remains a wind blown crag, the grouse still rocket out of the heather across Barden moor and President's Slab remains among the best of Yorkshire's renowned gritstone routes.