Around Little Ross

We had intended to combine a shortish paddle with some rolling and rescue practise but with such calm weather, it was always going to be a fairly relaxed day.
Leaving Brighouse Bay at the top of the tide, not quite a full Sp tide but still, we knew it would be a long carry on our return.
One km offshore beyond Mull Point, and the Cumbrian fells appear as the haze clears.
Chris takes charge of the camera to get this shot of me beneath the cliffs of Slack Heugh...
...where a dog leg entrance reveals this narrow passage in the cliffs. (This area is perhaps best explored sometime before or after HW, to make the most of the rock hopping and channels.)
Continuing towards the lighthouse of Little Ross, a small isolated outcrop in the middle of a rocky cove provided entertainment as we landed for a quick break leaving the boats secured to a tow line, floating alongside.
We departed before the falling tide made launching overly tricky and with the ebb just underway, a small race had formed in the channel between Little Ross and Fox Craig; we surfed, rolled and generally made the most of the gentle waves before rounding the island to find a slightly bigger race south of Little Ross itself.
After enjoying some long surf rides on clean waves of around 2ft, we headed in again, this time landing in a more conventional manner on the rocky beach beneath Meikle Ross. (Both the races here appeared to drop off within a couple of hours of HW.) In the distance is Gipsy Point; it is sensible to contact the Range Officer if intending to paddle across the bay, this being a military training zone and 'Danger Area'.
Tel: 0141 224 8501 / 07786 126151 (24hr)Heading out through The Sound we stayed offshore for a while, heading east now towards Dunrod Point and the cliffs beyond. A porpoise surfaced several yards ahead, and the again, no more than 3 yards infront of the bow: the first this year.

Turning in before Ringdoo point, we returned close in, exploring the striking low cliffs and enjoying the small chop as the breeze freshened.
Leaving a small rocky bay after a last quick coffee stop... wind our way amongst craggy platforms and kelp in the low sun, eeking out the last moments of a wonderful Solway afternoon.
A last view of Brighouse Bay, the Isle of Man clear on the horizon prompting thoughts of a crossing; one day perhaps, but for now, the Outer Hebrides beckon...