Flamborough Head

We had planned to visit both Flamborough Head and Filey Brigg but in the event, were only able to stay in the area for one day; as Chris had not been around Flamborough, we elected to explore the cliffs and caves beneath Bempton. The forecast was good with the swell predicted to be no more than 1ft...
...a glance down to the bay beneath North Landing hinted otherwise. Certainly the sea was calm although the wind did get up to F4 later as we enjoyed a long downwind surf run to the gannet colony, but the swell was obviously going to make it difficult to get close in.
We headed east to the lighthouse first, reluctantly passing by the many arches and caves...
...and came ashore soon after for a quick lunch stop, in the only place possible without risking a rocky surf landing. Between the larger sets, we entered this superb arch, the narrow channel protected by a platform shielding the entrance, to land easily on the boulders and enclosed beach behind.
Chris launching before the tide drops sufficiently to make life difficult...
...and avoiding the reef breaks beyond. From here we headed out to sea and as the wind picked up, enjoyed a fast run down the coast to the gannet colony.
Again, close in, the swell did not allow a passage through the arches and having watched the gannets circling for a short while, we headed back towards North Landing; a stiffish paddle now into a gentle F4.
A very different paddle then, to the one we had envisaged, but great fun nonetheless, and an excuse to go back to explore the caves and of course Filey Brigg.