Back on the Brine

Finally, after the long weeks of wind and rain, a break in the weather and a day on the sea. In fact the wet weather was forecast to persist on the east coast, meaning a change in plans, but like the rain, that's nothing new.
So, Walney once more, but as ever, this island, the eighth largest off the English coast, provided an interesting day.
Chris and Brian heading out through small surf on the west coast to some larger, lumpier stuff off shore. With the tide ebbing against a fresh north westerly, the sea was running at around 4ft but the confused waves, although steep, provided only momentary sport.
Coming back inshore we surfed the small stuff; great fun despite its modest height.
With the arrival of the sun, a break seemed appropriate; landing on the golden beach I warned Brian of the quick sands for which Morecambe Bay is notorious.
I don't think he spotted my double take when I looked back a moment later.
Other victims of the sands. I thought it was a Portuguese man o' war initially, so large was the pale body, measuring almost 2ft across.
Only marginally more mobile on the sands, the seals basked as we passed the southern end of the island, heading on toward Piel Castle and Roa Island: a familiar end to another fine day around Walney.