Out of Season

Sea kayaking it seems, is out of season.
When the weather broke, near the end of our trip to the Outer Hebrides in April, it was almost a relief; suffering from sensory overload after a four day trip on the east coast, several outings in the Sound of Harris and some quite exceptional days on the west coast of Lewis, I think I just needed time to stop and take in all that we had done.
I was not overly upset therefore about the rain and strong southerlies that ruled out any chance of paddling to Mingulay. If I'd known the winds and rain would still be stopping play with June just around the corner, I might have been slightly less philosophical.
Still, whatever the weather, it's hard to ignore the light evenings and so I decided to take a few photos in an attempt to replace some of the prints that adorn the walls of my house.
I'd intended to photograph one of the less well known waterfalls hereabouts, but enroute, noticed a diminutive beck cascading from a tiny valley almost completely hidden from sight. Pushing through deep grasses and ferns amongst the beech and oak, I came across a series of minature ravines through which the beck fell...
...I quite like this shot: a secretive, sheltered spot beyond the reach of the winds that must surely ease soon. After all, four weeks is quite sufficient to deal with even the greatest of sensory overloads and after the sun and summer warmth of April, the cold winds and rain now have the feel of Autumn.
All very confusing; global warming perhaps.  


Moray Club said…
'rain and strong southerlies ruled out any chance of paddling to Mingulay.'
Will, you would have suffered 'Very Severe Sensory Overload' if you had paddled to Mingulay!
What with white sand beaches, cliffs, arches, abundant wildlife, interesting tides, and very few visitors...it's close to 'kayak heaven' :)
Agree the constant high winds of late have been a pain.
Nice pic BTW.
Will Herman said…
Thanks Bill - I think we were pretty close to Kayak Heaven amongst the islands west of little Benera - Mingulay remains then, as one of the best excuses to return...

Ian said…
What a great picture Will!

Really atmospheric with super organic colours, love it.

Agree with your comments on the weather - very frustrating watching my leave tick away and not able to (safely or enjoyably) paddle :o(