Outer Hebrides: Beyond the dunes of Baile Sear

Oban, we all agreed, had been a good place to leave. After a lumpy crossing to Lochboisdale and having found a great camp site more by luck than design (the owners happily checking both swell and weather forecasts for us), plans were finalised for the first trip; with 5 days of food, we would paddle north from Lochboisdale, on the east coast of the islands, protected from an 18ft westerly swell.
The plan agreed and with plenty of evening light left, it was time to find a beach.
On the west of Baile Sear, this beautiful beach gave long views to the hills of South Uist...
...and as we walked north, a glimpse of the Monarch Islands.
There was little in the way of the usual fishing detritus here...
...though we did find a few of the ubiquitous floats, which made for an unusual game of bowls...
...and turned into a highly competitive match played out across several km of  white sands.
Eventually the light failed. I watched as the sun set beyond the Monarchs, listening to the distinctive calls of curlew and snipe. Already the mainland was a distant memory and tomorrow we would begin to explore arguably the most remote coastline of the Outer Hebrides.