Outer Hebrides: Lochboisdale to Lochmaddy - Day4

Day four and only four km to go.
The morning has dawned bright again but the wind has lifted overnight...
...a good F6 blowing in from the south east and things are looking very different to yesterday, out at Madadh Mor.
Why didn't we paddle across the bay the previous day? Well, with both cars at Lochboisdale, and being too late to catch the bus, it was a choice between a night at the ferry terminal or a wild camp just inside Rubha an Fhigheadair, our choice of site also influenced by the need for fresh water.
And so, with everything battened down, antlers and all, we set off.
Initially, amongst the bigger waves rolling in from the Minch, the wind was less noticeable than expected, but as we crossed the loch and the sea flattened, the wind, now on our bow quarter and gusting strongly, made the last 2.5km a real slog.
In the end, the 4km that should have taken less than 40mins, took over an hour; but being on island time, there was little concern about missing the bus.
Nearly four hours later, the bus having explored every possible deadend single track road south of Lochmaddy, we arrived back at Lochboisdale to finish a wild and remarkable journey: our first in the Outer Hebrides.