Outer Hebrides: Toe Head & Copaigh

Our penultimate paddle and a fitting conclusion to our Hebridean adventures, to kayak around the foot, indeed the toe, of Harris.
Leaving Leverburgh on a blustery and cold morning, the day quickly brightened, and after some gentle play in the ebb tide draining An t-Ob...
...we enjoyed some relaxed rock hopping en route to the idyllic bay of Traigh na Cleabhaig.
Here, a ruined croft overlooks the western reaches of The Sound of Harris and the white sands below. I could have sat here all day but the headland, Gob An Tobha, was calling.
This is a wonderful stretch of coastline which we explored in detail entering both small caves...
...and some truly cavernous openings in the cliffs.
The arch at the western extremity of Toe Head was perhaps the highlight, from which we crossed quickly to the small island of Copaigh.
Seals basked in the spring sun as I drifted quietly past...
...before landing in a small inlet to take in the wide views; the Atlantic on one side and a long view down The Sound, so littered in islands and skerries as to appear more like land than water.
It is a curious phenomenon of the Hebrides, that when kayaking it seems there is more land than water, and when ashore, the combination and abundance of freshwater lochs, sea lochs and open ocean appears to overwhelm the islands quite completely.
Our last day was spent amongst the islands at the eastern end of The Sound. Deliberately, I took no pictures, enjoying the paddling without distraction, committing the scene to memory just as surely as the camera could ever capture.
If you have already visited the Outer Hebrides, then you will know how much more there is to see. If you have not, then you should, for here there is world class sea kayaking amidst such wild beauty that it is quite impossible to find words which adequately describe what you will find.


Stuart said…
Brilliant trip. Only paddled in Scotland once and havn't stopped thinking about it since, amazing place. Fantastic pictures and really enjoyable read.
Will Herman said…
Thanks Stuart - hope you are able to paddle north of the border again soon!