Beyond the tiny hamlet of Wharfe, Crummack Dale is a tranquil valley, nestling between Ingleborough to the north west and Studrigg Scar to the east.
Amongst climbers, Studrigg Scar is known simply as Crummackdale and was one of my favourite crags for 'trad' limestone routes. The rock is suspect in places and superb in others while the protection ranges from reasonable to non existent. The routes themselves are superb, first ascents being made by many of the usual suspects including, Dennis Gray, Bonnington, Austin and Brian Evans amongst others...
Walking past the hay meadows, I remembered one gloriously long summer day when Karl and I climbed all of the HVS' and a few of the low E grade routes here, at the end of the day adding one of our own, more a variant than a new route but satisfying all the same.
I spent a while bouldering out the start of some of the routes I remembered, the moves strangely familiar albeit feeling much harder after an absence of several years and then simply sat awhile absorbed by the scene, listening to the curlews and trying to photograph these little fellows...
...LBJs (Little Brown Jobbies) as they are known among the experts.
Another LBJ.
A last view of the Dale before heading back to beat the downpour already dousing the slopes of Ingleborough.


Ian said…
Hi Will, the LBJ's look like Wheatears to me, super little birds. The name is a cleaned up version of the older name "White Arse" after the bold keystone mark on the tail
all the best