Large Damp Slacks and other Coastal Landforms

Parabolic dunes, large damp slacks and shingle spits: just some of the coastal landforms for which south-west Anglesey and Llanddwyn Island are well known amongst geologists.
Jim Krawiecki, who joined us for the weekend, may not be a geologist (I didn't ask if he knew anything about large damp slacks), but he is the co-author of Welsh Sea Kayaking and an endless source of stories rooted in the folklore of this coast: great company then for two day's paddling; an 'out & back' trip between Rhoscolyn and Abermenai Point.
Leaving the crowded beach at Borthwen we were quickly amongst the rock gardens, working our way east and then south, hugging the coast to avoid the fresh north easterly.
A quick break on the skerries of Cymyran Bay preceeded near catastrophy: as we crossed toward Rhosneigr a windsurfer swept between Jim and I at high speed, leaving me only marginally more dumbstruck than Jim. Suffice to say the misguided soul was left in no doubt about the error of his ways.
St Cwyfan's church: our own confessions would have to wait, services being held here only at Easter and Christmas I believe, and locked between times.
A swift crossing of Aberfraw Bay followed before a break behind Dinas Bach; every yacht in the area having had the same idea apparently.
With the best of the paddling still to come...
...we continued, again hugging the craggy coast to avoid the wind.
Photo: Jim Krawiecki
In the lee of Pen-y-parc...
...before another blustery bay crossing to reach Llanddwyn Island.
Eventually after yet another long and blustery push across the windswept bay, we landed at the point...
... with just enough light to set up camp behind the (parabolic) dunes before sunset.
Leaving Abermenai Point at mid morning, the day has yet to decide on the weather it seems...
...a light shower giving way to a fierce sun as we pass Lladdwyn Island once more.
Negotiating the narrow channel inside Carreg-y-trai...
...after which we glided across the glassy calm waters of Cmryn Bay, this shingle spit almost catching us unawares as we cut between the small islands... land after some 65km of paddling, back at the now deserted beach of Borthwen.

Jim's second sea kayaking guide, Northern England & the Isle of Man, is also now available from Pesda Press.


Ian said…
Glad to see you had a good weekend Will, and terrific dolphin shots too. "Large Damp Slacks" - best post title ever? I think I had those on Sunday trying to land in a fresh easterly in Rothesay Bay!

Kind Regards
Will Herman said…
Thanks Ian - wasn't sure if was just my sense of humour...
The dolphins certainly made up for our Scottish cancellation.