Flamborough Head and the Bempton Cliffs

The last time Chris and I paddled here, we were only able to get through one arch due to the swell; this time we had perfect conditions both for exploring the caves and passages and enjoying the excellent rock hopping.
Despite being engrossed in the paddling, I took a great many photos; unusually, all were on the 14-40mm lens which I had hoped would better capture the cliff scenery than the longer lens I usually prefer.
Chris took the shot above, capturing the superb folded rock strata and I'll let the other images do the rest of the talking, suffice to say it was an absolutely superb day's paddling launching from South Landing and travelling almost as far as Reighton Sands before returning as the sun set.
Brian and Chris emerging from the first cave, where several young grey seals played beneath our hulls in the clear water.
A lovely passage approaching the lighthouse.
The next cave we entered: a truly cavernous tunnel, several chambers at its end leading who knows where...
Stopping to inspect a problematic little rock hop...
...which proved more difficult to pass cleanly than it looked.
Deep within a superb cave.
Having passed North Landing, there is a little more movement in the water...
...creating superb rock hopping. In a similar rock garden I was washed up onto the cliff before being dropped on the edge of a slabby boulder, to topple sideways into a deeper channel. An instinctive high brace saved me from what would certainly have been an uncomfortable capsize, although I added a few new scrapes to the hull.
Brian sizes up another awkward gap...
...before adding a few scrapes of his own.
Dramatic rock architecture just short of the gannet colony...
...where Chris took this shot of me passing through one of the two arches.
Brian exiting the same arch, gannets wheeling above.
Continuing up the coast the rock hopping continued until, with just a few hours of light left, we turned to make the journey back.
Looking back along the cliffs...
...before rounding Flamborough Head once more.
Brian and Chris dwarfed by the imposing headland.
A serene moment having followed an archway into a sheltered lagoon...
...and exciting via yet another archway.
Evening calm: Chris lingers as the sun sets, drawing to a close one of the best day's sea kayaking I've had on the east coast yet.


These are wonderful photos.