Isle of Skye: Circumnavigation

Having just completed a circumnav. of Skye, here is one of my favourite images from the trip.
Taken on our sixth and last day as we approached Armadale, a beautiful rainbow forms over the entrance to Loch Hourn.
The circumnav. was completed in mostly favourable conditions, in five and a half day's paddling: our shortest day was around 30km, rounding Rubha Hunish, where we saw three Orcas and I think, Risso's Dolphins; the others were between 40km & 50km.
A superb and rewarding trip: I'll post a full report once I have sorted out all the images.


Philip Norris said…
Stunning! Fantastic shot Will.
Will Herman said…
Thanks Phil - it was taken in the last couple of hours of the circumnav. - fantastic end to the trip!