Skye Circumnavigation: Soay - Lorgill Bay

Leaving Soay late the next morning, the wind was still from the west but dropped significantly... we headed along the sound towards Rubh' an Dunain and Loch Brittle.
Now behind us, Rum sits on our southern horizon... the view up the west coast of Skye begins to unfold.
A gentle swell of around 2ft is still running from the west creating entertaining conditions close in as we investigate numerous rock gardens, channels and waterfalls.
Our plan is to reach Lorgill Bay, some 50km from Soay which will put us just 8km south of Neist Point. We are therefore reluctant to enter Loch Eynort but needing a break, decide to land beneath the cliffs.
Having both hauled our boats up the steeply shelving beach, we watched with some apprehension as a much larger set rolled in, waves dumping heavily from around 4ft; our launch required careful timing and with such heavily loaded boats was not without risk.
From here the coastline became increasingly rugged; Tim is dwarfed beneath the imposing Stac a Mheadais.
In Talisker Bay we rested without landing, before continuing into Loch Bracadale and on, crossing to Idrigill Point. Already the crossings that this trip required where becoming tiresome, but with Macleod's Maidens gradually growing in stature, it was difficult not to appreciate the wild grandeur of our surroundings.
Approaching the maidens...
...and looking back on the outermost stack.
We had been paddling now for nearly 7 hours and still had some 8km to go to reach Lorgill Bay; the dramatic evening light and some of the most awe inspiring cliff scenery we had seen on the trip yet kept spirits high however and we indulged in a little exploration close in...
...passing through arches and beneath waterfalls, secure in the knowledge that a good campsite was just over an hour's paddle away.
Landing at Lorgill Bay proved less easy than we hoped. With the tide extremely low, a wide band of large, rounded, weed covered rocks made for a difficult and quite risky carry. Our predicament had not escaped the notice of a couple already camped in the bay.
Having paddled around Skye in '96 and noting then the superb situation of the bay, Nick had returned on foot to camp at Lorgill Bay; now, seeing us half dragging the boats, slipping on the treacherous rocks, he quickly offered his assistance...
...but once again, the sun had set long before we had the tents up and a meal cooked: another long but rewarding day with 50km covered, 83km now in total and just a short stretch to reach Neist Point in the morning.