Skye Circumnavigation: Staffin Island - Scalpay

Our intended campsite for the previous evening had been Inver Tote but the prospect of a more leisurely evening had meant stopping an hour or so before at Staffin Island.
Dawn and sunrise beyond the Torridon mountains; we would need an early start to make up for lost miles if we were to stay on track. Despite having rounded the significant headlands and being established on the 'easy' east coast, we both knew a strong southerly could still jeopardize the success of our trip and were keen to cover the remaining 97km in two days.
As we left the island a stiff south easterly breeze made me regret the previous day's early finish but the wind quickly eased and was soon nothing more than a gentle breeze.
We quickly passed Kilt Rock where I noted climbs I had completed back in 2004 along with the rotten, vegetated gully that was almost as exciting to descend as the routes were to ascend.
Another spectacular waterfall cascades across the basalt columns...
...just before the scenery begins to change once again, drawing us on and south.
Inver Tote, which would certainly have provided a good campsite, if lacking in the appeal of our small island camp.
By midday the breeze had all but disappeared and trying to maintain a pace of around 4 knots, we were both becoming uncomfortably hot beneath the strong sun.
No wind at all and passing beneath the long section of cliffs approaching Portree I actually started to fall asleep. Quite bizarre to jerk awake, still paddling, my cadence having hardly slowed at all.
We landed soon after on an unmarked sandy beach, coffee, fruit and nuts giving a much needed boost...
...and as we approached the Raasay Narrows a northerly breeze began to build; just sufficient to provide us with a much appreciated push towards Scalpay.
Another late finish having covered 46km taking the total to 217km, but no sooner were the tents up than the midges descended. So far the midges had hardly bothered us but that night they swarmed and we both cooked inside the tents.
As the sun set, Tim braved the ravenous hordes to take this image of our camp before hastily retreating once again.