Border Crossing by Kayak

As far as border crossings go, this one is hardly fraught with difficulty, unless the of course the swell is up in which case the many reef breaks north of Berwick could make life interesting.
Launching mid-afternoon from the north side of the pier... paddle out past Bucket Rocks, dodging the breaks; impressive given a swell of no more than around 3ft.
Tim approaches the cliffs, weaving through waves that rose suddenly and unpredictably as the swell ran over unseen reefs...
...breaking to the north of the arch: Needles Eye.
Beneath the cliffs in the only place we were able to get close in. In fact we managed the pass through the arch between sets...
...before continuing once more off shore...
...reaching Burnmouth in the already failing light where a landing looked improbable at first glance.
In fact a clear channel allowed us to sneak in behind the breakers finding a lovely sunlit cobbled beach on which to enjoy the late afternoon light.
Tim heads out through low surf...
...and I follow, close to the reefs that protect the inner bay.
Paddling south atop a lovely rolling swell and beneath beautiful skies, we begin the return leg to Berwick. The last of the season's gannets pass overhead while terns dive, their staccato flight so nearly just a memory of summer trips now past.
Approaching Berwick in the last of the evening's light, the low sun catching the crest of waves rolling in, to break once more on English sands, our short foray across the border complete.