North Stack

Having enjoyed a morning's sport on the wave at The Swellies, we set off from Soldier's Point with the ebb tide well underway...
...heading directly for North Stack. While Penrhyn Mawr may well be the better known and more highly regarded race, North Stack is arguably just as good, if not better, especially on Sp tides.
With a gentle but noticeable swell pushing against the tide, some hefty waves were forming off the headland...
...though they were difficult to catch initially: Tim drops off the back of a steepish roller.
At the head of the race, things were better: Barry, close to the eddy line, before taking off on a nice run.
Having dropped too far downstream initially, Chris and I work our way back up the eddy...
...beyond which Brian emerges from the back of a great wave.
As the flow increased in speed, the waves steepened and I enjoyed some long and fast rides, finding it increasingly easy to stay in the sweet spot.
Tim powering onto a steepening face, making the most of a demo of the Isel, courtesy of Mike at Rockpool.
A superb day in the races then, making the most of a big tide and what seems to have been the last of our Indian summer.


John Bunyan said…
Pretty impressive stuff Will! Let me know when you are going out and I'd love to join in some of the fun.
Will Herman said…
Hi John - you're very welcome - next outing will be the EOSM: see you there.