Bluto takes a Beating

Carmel Head is perhaps my favourite corner of Anglesey: to combine a trip around the headland with a camp at Porth Llanlleiana, making the return leg via The Skerries gives a superb paddle.
Launching from Church Bay, the fresh southerlies have left a little swell, making for entertaining paddling approaching the head.
After bouncing through the small race off Ynys y Fydlyn, we passed Carmel Head quickly and were soon sheltered from the still fresh winds, beneath the low cliffs leading east. With the swell wrapping around the island however, there were still plenty of opportunities to play...
...this opportunity taking Brian unawares at first.
With tomorrow's destination, The Skerries, our backdrop, we headed on, making for Hen Borth and our first break of the day.
This is an excellent section of coast for rock hopping and while the laden boats limited our choice of routes, the small reefs provided an entertaining playground.
Chris approaching Harry Furlough's Rocks...
...where Brian soon found another wave looming overhead...
...before being surfed away from the reef.
Chris beneath the cliffs of Wylfa Head...
...where Dave was less lucky close in and Bluto took a beating. (Sections of plastic cut from a milk bottle along with a healthy dose of gaffer tape solved the problem.)
Chris approaches middle Mouse and Porth Llanlleiana as the light begins to fail and with the tents up as darkness fell...
...we enjoyed a long evening on the shingle beneath the stars.
Despite a promising forecast the morning dawned overcast and we set out beneath ominous skies on the long ferry glide to The Skerries.
The crossing was enjoyable if uneventful, our arrival an excuse for the locals to stop and stare.
This youngster was particularly curious, approaching me as I stood on the beach, swimming to within a few feet, completely unconcerned.
Leaving as the flood stream began, the return to Carmel Head proved a quick passage, quicker by far than the struggle back against the tide towards Church Bay. In places we eddy hopped but in others there was nothing for it but to power through, using the waves to surf against the flow.
Brian passing Ynys y Fydlyn once more after which the flow eased and we enjoyed a more leisurely paddle to reach Church Bay and the end of a superb trip - my third to The Skerries this year.


Summit to Sea said…
Looks like a cracking weekend you had there. I'm sure the fire helped on Saturday night, it was a wee bit nippy.
Will Herman said…
Hi Pete,

Yep - great paddle - I really do like that bit of coast around Carmel Head and The Skerries are always great, if a liitle more welcoming in summer!