A Bit of a Bore

Given a decent sized Sp tide, the Arnside bore and standing waves which form beyond the viaduct can provide plenty of entertainment. On a relatively small Sp tide, I had hoped that the high volume of water running out of the flooded River Kent, might push against the tide sufficiently to create a similar effect. No such luck.
Waiting for the bore a little way out into the estuary on an eerily calm sea, the clag muffling any sound. For once I was not using the usual ortlieb camera bag on the deck and much to my dismay, the bore arrived with dry bags strewn across my spraydeck and the day hatch open.
A few frantic moments of stuffing everything back into the boat followed, though I needn't have worried; a series of 5 waves rolled beneath us in rapid succession, each no bigger than 12 inches, and that, was that.
We waited a short while allowing the flood to build before heading in to the viaduct.
After 20 minutes or so, there was a reasonable flow and shortly after taking this shot, a few small waves did form, providing brief sport.
Clearly, a significantly bigger Sp tide is required and it seems the level of the Kent had absolutely no effect which as Chris remarked: "Was all a bit of a bore."
A terrible pun but still, an enjoyable morning on the water.


Silbs said…
Love the black and white images.
Will Herman said…
Thanks Silbs - I do like B&W, especially on days like this when all colour seems to have been leached from world anyway!
Somehow, converting files to B&W however never seems to match the results of good old grainy B&W film...