A little madness on The Mersey

Shoulders hunched against a bitter wind coming in off the Irish Sea, I stood with hands stuffed inside my B.A, waiting for a lift with the boat down to the sands. I sensed a sidelong glance from a lady walking by:"your brave..." she said.
I looked at the sea and shivered. "Daft is probably the word your looking for," I replied.
She smiled: "A little bit mad is a good thing though, no?"
Of course it is.
Brian, still enjoying the Rockpool Alaw, about to launch...
...quickly followed by Chris, who would be glad he put his lid on, when looped by a breaker a little later.
Heading out to some surprisingly big waves off shore...
...though with the tide low and still on the ebb, it was messy stuff: waves rising randomly over unseen sandbars, breaking fiercely at times but quickly dissipating, their power spent. (Much better conditions can can found on the flood, around two hours before high water.)
Still, we enjoyed the waves before heading in as the sun began to set...
...it's so easy to write days like this off, but as I coasted in on a small wave, watching the gulls wheeling and carving above the breakers, the icy wind raw on my cheeks, I felt alive, happy to have friends who like me, were perhaps, just a little mad.