One Way Ticket from Trearddur

I'd been on the road for a couple of hours and it was still dark when the phone rang.
Tim: "There's some good skiing if we're not going paddling!" His photo proved the point.
It seemed the motorists were keen to get some of the action too: I hung up after passing the fourth car that had come to grief on the A55 that morning, abandoned obliquely across the carriageway.
Still, the forecast was for wind and sun, we had a one way downwind run planned and I had a new boat to get wet: paddling it was then.
Having left two cars at Llanddwyn Island for the shuttle we launched from Trearddur Bay where some lovely waves provided a perfect start to the day.
Justine enjoys the first of a few great rides and I was delighted with the performance of the new boat, catching a couple of superb runs in the Rockpool GT: what better way to christen a boat!
With a lively swell running it was an exhilarating ride to Rhoscolyn Head and with the tide running against us and the wind, the channel provided some biggish waves to surf before a break just short of Borthwen.
Leaving the bay, still in the Alaw, Brian weaves among the outcrops that guard Borthwen...
...Barry and Justine slipping past Ynys Traws before a fast run of 8km across the wide bay, heading for Ynys Meibion, a joy with the wind and sea at our backs, made all the sweeter knowing we would not have to turn about to slog back.
Barry beside the reef of Carreg-y-trai before heading across Aberfraw Bay...
...and crossing towards Malltreath Bay as the light began to fail.
Tim and I played awhile amongst the rocky fingers that reach out from the western tip of Landdwyn Island, the rest of the group having gone to check out the surf.
They caught us heading in towards the dunes backing Llanddwyn Bay, the Lleyn Peninsula standing proud behind.
With some 25km of paddling, riding a beautiful following sea, behind us, Tim and I land beneath the dunes... Brian enjoys the last of the day's light and the small surf breaking in the shallows.
Sunset beyond the tower of Llanddwyn Island, the end of a superb paddle and a full day.
> Justine has also posted an entry for the day on her site: CackleTV
> The images from this day were mostly disappointing. So far, using the Pentax K5 on the last few trips, I have been impressed by the image quality of this, one of the few weather proof DSLRs that don't require a second mortgage.
The results would no doubt have been significantly better had I been paying closer attention to the ISO settings - the low light levels later in the day and subsequent high ISO resulting in significant 'noise'.