Lord's Seat - Barden Moor

I'd already passed beneath Earl Seat and paused momentarily at Simon's Seat but even a Lord's Seat wasn't going to keep me sitting still for long this afternoon.
The high winds and generally abysmal weather of late had abated sufficiently to make a moorland foray worthwhile, but still it was a bitter day, high on Barden Moor.
With a ridiculously optimistic outlook, I'd packed the rock shoes, hoping the crag would be sufficiently dry for me to tackle a few of the less well travelled problems on Lord's Seat, which is marginally less exposed than Simon's Seat but even before leaving the densely forested slopes lower down the valley, I knew it was a forlorn hope.
Still, patches of blue sky and the first sight of the sun in the last two weeks made the walk in worthwhile and a quick recce of the problems I've been meaning to try for far too long provided sufficient inspiration to prompt another resolution to visit the crag on a dry evening in spring, which, having survived another Christmas debacle, seems a little closer than it did...


robpealing said…
I like your dramatic pictures of some of my old hiking areas.
Will Herman said…
Hi Rob,

Thanks for your comment - it's a dramatic area definitely, but I always find it hard to capture the image I want, on the moors.
These were helped with an infra-red filter...