Tim and his Tiny Taran

As keen as I was for Tim to try the Tiny Taran, which as the name suggests is the smaller sibling of the Rockpool Taran, I was far from sure it was in my interests for him to do so.
Tim likes to paddle fast. Which is great...
...if you can keep up. I can't quite remember how I got ahead to get this image, rather than another dot disappearing on the horizon; he was probably under orders to stay put for a few minutes.
Passing Ynys Dulas, the seals, like me, soon found themselves lagging behind.
But, like the seals, the Tiny Taran proved a playful companion. On the sheltered side of the island, enjoying what seemed the first calm day in many weeks, we didn't find much in the way of bigger water in which to throw the boat around...
...but the race of Point Lynas provided a few nice waves to surf: the Tiny Taran taking it all in her stride.